Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fun new stuff

Been making some fun new stuff for my Etsy store! I think you should all go buy something!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Oh Deer! and Tulips

I've always loved deer, such graceful beautiful animals. They have adorned our property regularly since we moved here.

I also love Tulips, one of my favorite flowers. When we moved here in the fall, I hurried and planted dozens of them so I would have something to enjoy in the spring.

Well it's spring, and this is what deer+tulips = snack time.

I'm not sure I really like those deer so much anymore!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Scar face

Saturday night we ended up in the ER for stitches. Ridge decided to dive off the computer station right into an open drawer. Or at least that's what we think happened. It wasn't to big of a deal until they put him under. It was kinda scary to watch him react to the drugs. Because it was on his face, they couldn't have him moving around so they gave him something that more or less paralysis you. It was almost like he was dead, only still breathing. Because he couldn't swallow, they had to suck his saliva for about an hour, until he started to come around and could start swallowing again. He was wacky coming and out of consciousness. The ER staff was really great with him. He was screaming SCARY! SCARY!, so it's probably a good thing they put him under.

Sunday morning it was all a distant memory.

Unless of course you reminded him, then he made sure you knew he had an oweee!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Death Valley

Sharing some of the pictures of Aspen and Canyon in Death Valley. They went to the dunes and it was a long way up!

Keep going guys.

They made it to the top and were way excited. When they came home, there was sand in every pocket they owned.

Death Valley is 178 feet below sea level, good thing it was April. I think Willie said it only got up to 80 degrees while they were there. It gets up to 125 degrees in the summer, yuck!

They stopped at this old ghost town and saw a lot of cool stuff. Then they realized that people still live there. Population of 27 or something like that.

Lots of the houses had old stuff hanging on them, like this old bike.

It was a fun trip but I'm still glad I was home safe in my house with the snow, (ok well maybe not so happy about the snow).

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Quote for the day!

If fear's what makes us decide our future journey, then I'm not along for the ride!

Fear always seems to hold us back from what we really need and want. Why is that?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Enjoying spring break

Sacoya, Ridge and I have been home enjoying spring break. WIllie, Aspen and Canyon went off to Death Valley. It would have been nice to all go together, but I don't do places that:
#1 start with death
# 2 Invlove only a tent.
#3 A tree, some toilet paper, and you know what.
Some people may think that I'm wimpy or spoiled, but I just say I'm smart.

Love that the sun has been out all day, it probably won't last, but it lifted my spirits today! Ridge and I ran around in the yard and rode his bike. Now we just need some grass.

Made a really fun Necklace for my Etsy store. I've added a few things this week, but this one by far will be the hardest to part with so far.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Making Jewelry

So I went to the Salt Lake Gem faire a couple of weeks ago. I was in heaven, wish I could have stayed all day. Making jewelry has quickly gotten out of hand! So I had to open one of these.

My shop

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The not so best mailbox on the block

This is our mailbox,(well it's not our actual mailbox, but you get the drift) and it's a great one at that. You don't have to worry about anyone getting into it, or getting to full if you skip getting the mail for a day or two. In fact, you can go on vacation and no one has to pick up the mail for you. I'm really happy with it. It only has one draw back. IT REQUIRES A KEY!

This is what happens when you've lost both keys, and you try to use your arm to get the mail out of the secured box. I don't know if I will try it again, although I was able to get our mail out! So i guess it's not as secure as I thought, hmm.