Friday, May 30, 2008

Summer is officially here

I have exactly 39 minutes until it is summer at my house, and I am not ready! Don't get me wrong, I love no getting up early, no homework, no forgotten lunch money or math assignments, but all to soon the fun-ness of summer wears off and the kids are bored. They don't want to play outside cause it's tooooo hot, and they would rather die than brush up on their reading or math skills. Unless the idea presented involves a major mess, they aren't interested. So couch and computer potatoes they become. And I hate that, cause I'm constantly saying turn that off, get off that and well you get the picture. I guess I need to put in a swimming pool! J/K 

Monday, May 26, 2008

In memory of my Grandma

For Memorial day, I just wanted to post a little message about my grandma who passed away in 2005 on Christmas Day. I miss her almost every day. I look up at her picture above my computer and I can almost hear her talking. She was a great joy to all who knew her. Miss you Neenie!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Family photo shoot

On Sunday we went to Willies parents to get some shots of the kids. I wanted to get a few of the girls and a good shot of all the kids together. We ended up taking a bunch more and got some really great stuff. I'm super happy with the ones of Willie and I. There were to many to pick from, which is extremely rare, cause I almost never look good in photos. The group shots might need a few head switches but over all I love how they turned out!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

one of those days, i mean weeks!

This week has been a tough one with this little guy! I feel really bad cause he's not feeling well, but I seriously want to pull my hair out. He hasn't stopped crying in 7 days. Last week he lost a tooth and everything was fine until about Friday, then he got a fever and wouldn't open his mouth or even eat. He just cries. I was convinced it had to do with his lost tooth. I called our dentist on Monday, who said bring him in cause he could have an abscess where it fell out. When we got down there, he took one look and said: I hate to break it to you, but it's not his tooth, he has Gingivostomatitis (which is a nice way of saying herpes Simplex 1 or cold sores.) He will probably be miserable for about two weeks. Apparently when babies are exposed to cold sores, they get there first outbreak in there mouth with about ten or more sores. It also causes fever. Poor guy, no poor me..............

His poor little mouth bleeds when he tries to eat. Even with a cookie and his favorite movie playing, he still cries.

To make myself feel better i made a card last night! Well 8 to be exact, but they are all the same, so if you get this one for a birthday or something, act surprised.

This is a scrapbook page i made of Ridge the day he came home from the hospital, sad how fast he has grown up.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New sister-in-law

Ok, i hope i'm not in trouble for stealing this picture, but i just had to show off my new sister-in-law Sarah, and of course my brother Brian. They eloped a few weeks ago and i just recently found out! I'm super happy for them, and wish them the best. I am a little freaked out that someone else now has my name (Sarah Thompson), but i guess i gave it up along time ago anyway! Congrats guys.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The best Tree house Ever!

I've been begging Willie for years to build the kids a little fort or tree house, and last fall our wish came true. Only this thing is a Deluxe 2 story kids dream. It turned out a hundred times nicer than i was expecting.  It even has a power source in case we need a TV for sleep outs. So i just had to brag about my incredible husband and tell him thanks for building it. I took the picture today of him adding a few finishing touches.

Lost tooth

Remember those family or school pictures where your missing your first front tooth? They usually made you look  a little goofy, but hey, everyone has at least one picture like that right? Well i know this is one of those it really shouldn't matter things but for some reason to a mom it does. We were up the Canyon on Monday night having a little family BBQ and playing around a bit, and yep you guessed it, Ridge tripped holding a soccer ball and knocked out his almost brand new front tooth. And i mean all the way out, root and all. Poor kid was bleeding all over and didn't know what was happening. I was yelling at Willie to call the pediatrician to see if it could be saved. (He was smarter than me and called our friend who happens to be a pediatric dentist.) And well no it couldn't. Once the root is severed, it can't be fixed. I should be grateful that it was just a tooth, but man there is a part of me that can't stand the thought of every picture for the next 7 years (our kids loose their teeth pretty late) being one of those pictures. I guess i'll get used to it..... eventually. Thank goodness he is so dang cute!

Friday, May 2, 2008

card i made

Shauna, this is for you! I thought if i posted a card i've made, it would motivate me to start stamping again. it's been a while.