Thursday, July 29, 2010

3 weeks

It's been three weeks since I posted, sorry. I've been keeping up with my Jewelry blog, making and posting lots of fun stuff, but every time I seem to have a topic for our family blog, I get distracted. I have a file of random pictures I want to post so hopefully I can get to that soon. Summer is coming to a head. Sacoya is leaving to her cousins on Monday for 10 days. We have a family trip planned, the Park City festival coming up for Willie and a 1/2 marathon for me. Then school starts (yea.) I'm ready to get back to a schedule. Not so happy about homework and packing lunches everyday, but having some free time. The kind which still involves a three year old but still. Then maybe I can get to the potty training he desperately needs but refuses to do. (ok so I'm the one who needs it) and some sewing projects I've been putting off. And that stack of leather scraps I just ordered, and those new recipes I want to try. Or at least catch up on all the episodes of "Cake boss" and "Say yes to the dress" that I've missed.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

passing by..

Summer seems to be passing by awfully quickly. I haven't spent much time blogging, mostly because I spend my spare time making Jewelry these days :). Yesterday though, we had our second encounter with a tick. First it was Aspen, now Canyon. Not sure if it's a bad year for ticks or we just got lucky, but I do know this: Every time I feel something crawling or itchy on me, I kinda freak out. I don't like bugs. I'm just saying.

This is the tick on canyon, He was attached like super glue.

This is the one on Aspens back, he must have been there a while.