Thursday, April 14, 2011

We opened a cute little shop.....

I know it's been forever since I posted, but it seems I run around crazy lately trying to balance home, family and and my growing little jewelry business. And now I'm happy to announce that Willie and I have opened a little shop. So cute, a little crazy I know. I'm not super excited about the going to work part of it. I haven't worked in like 14 years. We didn't have a single customer last night. But we haven't done any advertising yet and it was only our second day. We will have a grand opening in May. Hopefully it picks up enough this summer, we can hire some help and I won't have to be there always :)

This is the front! We need flowers, I know, but technically it's still winter here! I mean we've had snow 3 mornings this week! Snake Creek Grill is just to the right of us. They are a pretty established restaurant, and get a lot of Park City/Deer Valley tourist. So that's a big plus.

Inside shot of my jewelry.

Inside shot of Willies photos!

So make a trip up to Heber and come see us! We are open Wednesday-Saturday nights.