Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Aspen and her creativity

Aspen has such a creative spirit. She is always amazing me with the things she makes. This is what "mom can I make cup cakes" turned out to be.

Alligator cupcakes.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Silly Ridge

Ridge is constantly coming up with crazy things to say and a day or two goes by, and then I've forgotten them, so I'm trying better to document them more often, so well, we can laugh our heads off when he's older. Some of his recent ones:

He told me that Patrick and Sponge Bob sing this song: Idiot friends, dah dah. Idiot friends dah dah. I said well thats not very nice and he said, but mom it makes them happy!

He was on a visit at our next door Neighbor, who has a second home here She invited him for a treat and then turned on the TV in her bedroom for him while she was working on something. He looked over at her while laying on the bed and said: I'm not sleeping the night you know? She was crying it was so funny.....

Another time she took him for ice cream at the Dairy Keen and he informed her that he still loves his mom more! LOL

Ridge told me to get him something and I told him he wasn't allowed to boss me around. I told him I was not his slave, and he said: Yes you are! I should have seen that one coming.

Here mom, here is a special treat! (hands me his vegetable)

Sacoya asked Ridge what happened to the clouds, and he said that Jesus ate them up!

He asked Sacoya if she like "hot boys", she laughed and said yes, Ridge, do you? He said no silly, I only like "HOT Girls!!!

Wow! look at that Rainbow, it goes all the way to Park City!