Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Working out

Ok, so a quick update, since it's been a few days. Willie and I recently decided we would start working out together in the gym 3 times a week. I've been going alone for as many years as i can remember. And first of all let me say, it's really nice to spend some extra time with him. We are focusing on more time together, ya! But secondly, i am so sore, like can't even walk sore. i'm using muscles i guess i didn't know i have. The upside is that hopefully i will be in better shape soon, which will make me very happy! Thanks honey.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Camping with dad

I thought i would share some pictures from spring break. willie took the older kids down to our property in Tori, which is near Capital Reef. he likes to go down there and enjoy the quiet, and make sure the gate is still up and stuff. (i think it's a guy thing.) willie bought a trailer for the 4 wheeler and towed the kids around just about everywhere.
are those earrings? yes, here's sacoya, still looking very fashionable even after camping for two days!
my handsome husband is actually in a picture with our kids, thanks to his dad. 
willies parents joined them the last night and slept in the back of there tahoe, which was smart cause there was a big storm, and the tent blew everywhere during the night!

Monday, April 21, 2008


Sacoya's 5th grade class did a project similar to a wax museum. she picked to spotlight Pocahontas. they do a small report on their life, make a poster, and then memorize a 30 second summary on them. parents are invited to come see all of the children's displays. you can push an imaginary button, and the kids then recite their summary. it's a really cute idea. I had to make Sacoya's costume the night before cause we couldn't find a costume in a store anywhere, but it turned out great.

one of those mornings

Ridge is just one of those babies, who sees things once, and he remembers and can actually do it. on Sunday, he was trying to get into my eucerin. and if you have ever used it, you know it's super thick and greasy. so i showed him how you put it on your lips. well this morning he decided to try it out i guess, only he didn't stop at the lips. he pretty much covered his face and hair. luckily for him, i was laughing to hard to get mad, plus i'm the dork who actually showed him how to do it!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

my friend michelle

ok, so hopefully michelle doesn't kill me for posting this picture, but i just had to! it took me a couple of days to find it, but i knew i had it tucked away someplace. this was taken christmas of 1985 and apparently we both got robes for christmas that year. anyhow michelle and i had lunch the other day and just caught up. it was so much fun and even though we haven't stayed in touch very well, it was like we were still best friends. so thanks michelle, you've always been a great friend.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Aspen loves email

this is aspen with her best friend lili, who just happens to be four years younger.

I thought i'd share a cute little story about Aspen, she just recently turned 9 and was granted her own email. scary i know! anyway, she checks it constantly to see who sent her mail, and is always sending out little messages to every one she currently has an email address. so saturday morning, the kids asked me to make breakfast cake, and to their surprise i'm sure, i said yes. i don't cook breakfast very often, i guess it's not my thing. and a few hours later, i was online checking my own email, and there was a message from aspen. in the subject line it said "yum". i opened it and she had written: "that was some good breakfast cake"! she cracks me up, she is always spreading sunshine wherever she goes.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My cute boys

We weren't able to get any Easter sunday shots of the kids this year since we were driving home most of the day from ST George, so Willie took some this week of the boys all dressed up. I'll have to share some of the girls when i get a chance to take some.

Look how much canyon is growing up, can't believe it!

Ridge was being so cute and laughing. Wish he was happy like this all the time!