Saturday, June 26, 2010

Question of the day!!!!!!

After Ridge's shower, he likes to watch a show bundled up in his towel before he gets dressed, so this morning he came running into my studio and said: Mom what's wrong with my "THING" it's really hard. Ummm well ummmm where is your dad....... I'm not equipped for questions of that nature. I'm just saying.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Catching up

Paper crafting has always been a favorite pass time. And although I still enjoy it, it has taken a back seat to Jewelry design, a very back seat. I was getting very low on cards for birthdays and such, so I spent some time recently making cards and finishing some pages I've been working on for months. I thought I'd share:

Cards were so easy, they all have the same basic idea, but with different papers or page elements. Love a quick and easy card.

Friday, June 4, 2010

A camping we will go

I think most people who know me, know I don't love to camp. Not even a little. Growing up we car camped and my mom made gourmet breakfast. And then we packed up and left. I only had to miss the comfort of home for minutes really. On the other hand I think most of you who know Willie, know that he loves camping. In fact love is probably not a strong enough word.

Below is an image of an actual camp trip he took. No tent, no protection from bugs, snakes, wild animals, axe murderers. I mean really. I might have had an anxiety attack sleeping like that.

If I am forced to brave the elements, this would be my ideal camp site. It's not asking to much is it?

The problem is, while Willie has come to terms with this fact, the Bishop of my ward obviously has not, as he saw fit to call me to girls camp this year. In tents no less. When I suggested the Marriot in Salt Lake, I was laughed at. When I stated I had a bad back, I was offered a pad for my sleeping bag. Seriously, can I survive, will I survive? At least I don't have to pee in a hole.....or do I?