Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Mystery

New washer broke...
New washer flooded laundry room...
New washer flooded bathroom...
New washer flooded part of basement...
Swore at new washer....
Called repair man for new washer...
Repair man looked at new washer...
Repair man took apart new washer...
Repair man said new washer not broke...
Repair man started new washer, didn't flood...
Repair man left me with not broke new washer...
New washer washing clothes right now, not flooding..

All I have to say is ?????????????

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Christmas 2009 was a special year, not because we got lots of gifts or went somewhere special, but because we were together, we can truly understand the gift that was given to us by our Savior, and we realize what really matters, what is most important. Now, on to the pictures:

Kids posing in their Pj's. It's a photo I require every year, unfortunately Ridge would not cooperate, thus he got left out....(I'm sure he'll regret it when he's older and realizes, hey I'm not in that photo)

Santa showed up, but he couldn't fool Ridge. Good thing, he might not have sat on his lap.

Sacoya and I enjoying a quick moment.

Holdman's Christmas tradition is this amazing collection of houses and trains. It grows bigger every year and the kids love it. At our house it's called grandpa's choo choo.

Aspen's favorite gift, her electric scooter. Now she can keep up with me while I'm running....wait maybe it's the other way around.

Sacoya and her new phone, I think she would rather give up a limb than part with it.

Canyon's Christmas list:Legos, what else, Legos, anything else, o ya Legos.

Ridge and his choo choo. Best gift Santa every brought to our house, (except Sacoya's phone of course)

Aspen and Willie at the Thompson house Christmas day.

Sacoya and her cousin Connor exchanging gifts. Stop growing you two, just stop.

And of course no Christmas would be complete without a meal slaved over by my mom for hours, which is consumed by us in minutes, thanks mom.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Love this shot of him on his birthday showing off his toothless grin. Sometimes I worry about that missing tooth, but this photo reminds me that he is still stinkin cute without it!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Birthday Wishes to our Baby

Look who's three. It's hard to believe you gotten so big. You will always be our baby. Some of Ridges favorites right now are:

choo choo trains






mickey mouse

"cars" the movie

santa hat

"owie" blankie and bink

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Missed You

I've missed you blog, I'm coming back I promise. Thanks for being so patient with me. :)